Hardware Engineering Services

fpga development

Cambridge Logic offer a complete hardware design and manufacturing service. All development, from initial research to PCB layout, assembly and mechanical design, are done in-house by our full-time staff, ensuring the most competitive price and responsive support for your designs.

Our embedded designs have ranged in complexity from alarm clocks, cameras and MP3 players, to real-time object recognition and communication systems and custom laboratory instruments. Our broad hardware capabilities allows us to meet your requirements with the most appropriate technology - microcontroller, DSP, embedded PC or FPGA - and connect your design to common interface standards and networks. (Examples of our designs)

We have experience in designing for efficient quantity production, and can even manufacture your product and provide second-line warranty and support, should you not have the resources for this.

If you have a requirement for anything electronic, or even a tentative idea, please contact us. Our staff are from a variety of scientific and engineering backgrounds, and have a reputation producing efficient and innovative solutions, many of which have become valuable patents for our clients. Click here for more about us.